Ferret Care: Looking Your New Pet Ferret

Today, there are a large number of people who are settling for the option of taking in ferrets as pets, into their lives. The fur of these creatures is typically, white, black, brown or even of mixed shades.

While they can weigh anything between 2 pounds and 4 pounds, they can grow up to 5 inches in height and about 20 inches in length. Further, the life span can be anything that ranges between 7 and 10 years.

In order to get the most out of an experience of having a Marshall ferret as pet, owners need to extend the utmost care and attention in handling a pet ferret.

Formerly, one of the biggest problems that ferret owners faced was that there was no food available that was made especially for ferrets and hence, people would have to settle for cat food.

Luckily, however, presently, there are a host of brands that sell ferret food. To ensure that a ferret leads a happy and healthy life, owners need to get the nutrition part right in the diet of a ferret.

Ferrets are a species of the Mustelidae family and a weasel is its closest relative. Studies have indicated that some of its characteristics are very much similar to skunks, badgers and wolverines.

Thus, if people are planning to take a ferret as a pet, they should know that a ferret is a carnivore. This automatically means that a ferret’s diet should include ample portions of meat and poultry products.

pet-ferretWhen shopping for food for their pet ferret, owners should be careful to choose products that are not only high in protein but also low in fat.

People should avoid buying those foods that are rich in sugar or carbohydrates, or for that matter food that is meant for other pets, as it may adversely affect the health of the pet. While people have sufficient knowledge about the do’s in ferret nutrition, but it is equally important to know the don’ts of ferret nutrition.

As a rule ferrets should never be fed dog food. If people do have dogs at their home, they should make a point to keep dog food out of the reach of ferrets. Further, ferrets do not require the healthy benefits of foods like dairy products, fruits or vegetables, so these foods are best kept away from them. It can lead to serious health issues as ferrets have a small intestinal tract.

Like all other pets, ferrets need to be taken to the vet on a regular basis. They have a tendency to swallow up things and are unable to filter through things on which they keep their paws on.

Thankfully there are a number of treatment options and vaccinations available help pet owners and their ferrets out of such situations. Another of raising a ferret as a pet is to train it which is both an exciting and a daunting task. If people really love their ferrets, they would know that every moment on this task would be worth it, in the end.

To ensure that their ferret gets the best of training, owners could hire an expert. However, people can also do this on their own. The first thing to do in this direction would be to decide on a specific place and a specific time to train a ferret.

People would also be required to draw an outline of the tasks that they would want their pet ferret to learn. Though people might have their expectations, however, they should be easy going and patient in this entire process.

Believe it or not, rushing things while training a ferret is going to be of no use to people. Even if people do force their ferret into learning something new, they might not be willing to learn a new trick the next they train with their owner. Thus, people should go slow here and try to develop a relationship with their ferret each time the ferret learns a trick.

The house in which people live should be such that it can be called ferret friendly. For starters, people should not leave any such products strewn here and there, which may be dangerous or hazardous to ferrets. Also, people should avoid luring ferrets by foods such as sweets or chocolates as they may cause stomach aches.