Ferret Facts

Most of the times, what happens is that ferret aficionados lack a place or forum from where they can get complete information about their favorite pet.

Whether, people are planning to get a ferret for themselves, or gifting one to someone or even living with someone who owns a ferret, the following given information can prove to be pretty useful to them.

A ferret can be kept as a pet just as normally as a person may raise a cat or a dog. All that people have to do is to garner the same care, affection and attention that they would normally bestow on other pets like cats and dogs.ferret-facts

Today, more and more people are going for taking in ferrets as pets. Ferrets are usually black, brown or white colored but sometimes, they may even sport a mixed fur. These mammals can weigh anything between and 2 and 4 pounds and can grow up to 5 inches in height and 20 inches in length.

They can live for anything between 7 to 10 years. Ferrets are very much in demand also because they are used to produce musk from their bones.

Some countries dictate the glands responsible for musk production in ferrets must be removed so that the ferrets may not stink as much as they normally do. However, other countries like Australia and U.S.A do not find this necessary.

The bodies of ferrets contain natural oils which makes them smooth and shiny. Though with frequent baths or showers, these oils may be reduced however, in general ferrets do not resist showers.

Also, as ferrets tend to grow long nails in a short amount of time, owners should cut their nails regularly. As far as their nature goes, ferrets are curious and adventurous.

So, owners will have to release them from their cages at dusk and dawn to let these creatures roam around freely in order to let them satisfy their curious nature substantially. When they get excited they start dancing, which gives them a very aggressive appearance, however in reality, they are just happy and joyous.

This trend of going for ferrets as pets is not a very old one. In fact, this trend is one that picked pace only after the 1980’s during which Americans first adopted ferrets as pets. Before this period, ferrets were mainly used for hunting as they are able to squeeze themselves into smaller spaces pretty easily.

Moreover, their curious and adventurous nature served as an added advantage while hunting, which was used a lot by ancient Romans. When compared to other pets, ferrets seem to have a unique diet. This is because, typically, their diet should be low in fat and high in protein.

cute-ferretsApart from this, their diet should not also be high in carbohydrates and sugar. For a ferret’s diet, people should include a lot of meat and poultry products.

If people want some figures, then ideally, for a ferret, the protein level should be pegged at thirty per cent or even higher, while the level of fat should not exceed twenty per cent. Alternatively, people can also go for ferret food.

A number of brands sell ferret food which includes the likes of Marshall Premium Ferret, Totally ferret and Zupreem among many others. While choosing a brand of ferret food, people should be careful to choose one that is based on animal protein like lamb or poultry.

The bodies of ferrets sport a unique digestive system that doesn’t have a cecum and appendix. It is because of this reason, that they are unable to digest complex carbohydrates which are present in foods like broccoli, beans and grain and are give foods that are rich in protein and simple carbohydrates. Some ferret owners believe that raw foods work excellently for ferrets.

For instance, raw meaty bones are a great example as they prevent the accumulation of tartar on the ferret’s teeth and also supply them with calcium. Such a diet keeps ferrets active and makes their coat shiny and smooth.

While all this information may be too confusing to process at once, but in actuality, providing the right nutrition to a ferret is a relatively easy job. People just need to move step by step, and they will notice for themselves how easy all this really is.