Keeping Ferrets as Pets – The Basics

Arguably, one of the most irresistible sights for a person is to have a ferret curled in that person’s lap while they are peacefully resting on a couch.

Though, cats and dogs are popular choices for pets, there are a few people who know the benefits of keeping a ferret as a pet. If people need some pointers in this direction or for convincing someone else, they would find the following information useful.ferret

The good news about getting a ferret is that they can either be bought form a professional breeder or from a shelter van, even if they are very young. Baby ferrets are called kits, while a female baby ferret is called a Jill and a baby male ferret is called a hob. When people acquire ferrets, they have already been weaned and now need some nourishment for their growing up phase.

Another thing to keep in mind is that as ferrets do not have teeth and hence cannot chew anything, it is best if the food to be given to be them is first soaked in a bowl of warm water for about five to ten minutes. Also, studies have shown that cat food causes health problems in ferrets, thus people should make it a point to not give it to their pet ferret.


However, for the first three years, people should give their kits kitten food and then move on to ferret food.

This should be done in a gradual manner with small portions of meats and vegetables.

In order to avoid any obstruction in the urinary tract of the ferret later, baby ferrets should be given ample portions of meat and poultry products in their meals.

Further, kits should be given water at regular intervals either using a dish or a bottle. As kits grow older they should be given snacks occasionally like crackers, bananas and raisins.

Needless to say, having a ferret as a pet requires commitment of time, money and resources. While ferrets are very cute as they scurry their way and make a place for them in their owner’s heart in almost time, they are certainly not low on maintenance.

Another thing that people need to take care of, while keeping a ferret is the environment. The environment, needless to say, should be safe, as ferrets are very small, weighing between 1.5 pounds and 4 pounds.

They have a tendency to taste almost anything, so people need to make sure that they make everything eatable in the house ferret proof just like they do for babies.

Moreover, all poisonous or harmful food and chemicals should either be kept at a safe place or best kept locked away. Also, ferrets should never be left alone with small children as they usually tend to handle ferrets in a manner that is too rough.

They just might squeeze them, step on them and drop them in a manner which is too hard and may end up killing the ferret.

ferets-as-petThe thing with ferrets is that they cannot be left in an open environment and they need to be kept in a cage.

In more ways than one, a ferret is just like a baby. People have to make a lot of preparations before its coming just like a baby.

If people are game for all this, then before they bring a ferret in their house, they need to make sure that they get a cage, supplies and toys ready so that a ferret has all that it may need in its new owner’s house.

In order to teach a ferret new things and tricks, people need to be patient and consistent. A good way is to reward the ferret each time it gets a thing right with a snack.

There are loads of tricks that people can teach their ferrets. For instance, people can teach their ferrets to come to them using a squeaky toy.

They can also be taught to fetch their toys. Further, while picking a cage for their pet, ferret people should be careful to select a cage that is not only big enough for their ferret but also is easy for them to clean.

Also, the spacing between the bars should be such that a ferret may not escape. It would help to keep at the bottom of the cage a plastic bottom, which can be changed and cleaned easily at the owner’s convenience.

If people think that it is too expensive, then people can make one at home by sewing together scraps of old cloths and then attaching a plastic sheet.

Moreover while selecting toys for heir ferret, owners should keep in mind that the toys should be hard enough to withstand the pressure from the sharp teeth of the ferret. Also, people should keep up with the vaccinations required for a baby ferret.